Anya (silly_anya) wrote in live_in_hell,

Yep. Just here babysitting...

So, you may be wondering what a wonderfully well-endowed ex-vengeance demon, and her kind of dorky boyfriend who has no appreciation for the value of a dollar, or how evil rabbits actually are, are doing at the Summer's residence. Well, I'll tell you, because that's what I do. I say what everyone else is too afraid to say. Like you know, that we're all gonna die because we have no slayer, and really the logical thing would have just been to give Glory her key, but no...

Sorry, sidetracked. So Xander and I had a fun night of, um extra-curricular activities planned, when Willow, calls up, blah, blah, blah, I need to do some witch stuff, can you come and spend the night with Dawn. And, I'm all ready to say no. I cannot. Xander and I have sex plannned, sorry. But, no, apparently there's some sort of rule that when one's best friend asks you to watch the orphaned sister of another best friend it's only right, to well, do the right thing and lend a hand. Or something like that. I wasn't really listening as I was still a little perturbed at having the phone yanked out of my hand. Why exactly does Dawn need a babysitter anyway? Okay one, she's not real! She's a big glowy energy key. Who ever heard of babysitting energy ball keys? And even if she was real, she's not two. I say let the kid fend for herself for a day. It builds character. Not to mention that little downward spiral into juvenile delinquency, that everyone's trying to ignore...

So now I'm sitting at the Summers' residence. Wondering why we still call it that. There's only one real Summers. And she's not even a real Summers. Again, not bitter that we're all gonna die. Why, cause like Xander says, If I go down, he'll be the idiot that goes down right before me in an attempt to save my now human life. Isn't that sweet? Of course it's sweet. I have a sweet idiot for a boyfriend! And he's not entirely un-comely either. Go me!

Anyway, Xander had just got up to go to the bathroom, and I was sitting in the living room counting my money. Sure, it wasn't real money. And we were just playing LIFE, but still, strangely satisfying. Hadn't heard from Dawn in a while. She's probably been in her room all night. Or she better be. Cause I'm not taking the blame for that. Nope. The little twerp wants to run away and get in trouble or join a cult or something, that's fine. As long as it doesn't infringe on my happiness.

I went to the kitchen and poured myself another cup of coffee. Coffee's good. Apparently it can have a strange uplifting effect on normal humans. Not me though; 5th cup tonight. And while it's no vodka, I'm feeling pretty darned good.

And a knock on the door. Good maybe it's Willow, or the Bot. Maybe I can return home with Xander and our night won't be a total waste. Of course I'll be taking LIFE with me. I'm sure we can find a way to incorporate it somehow.

I got up and made my way to the door.

"If you're here to rob or sell us something go away, we are poor and have no money."

They didn't seem to be leaving...

I opened the door half way and stuck my head out.

"Who are you and what do you want? We are very busy people, I haven't got all night...speak!"

(Okay, so open to Sam, Xander, Dawn...)
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