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Bed and Breakfast

I have been a Watcher for many years. I had been speeding towards my destiny. Where I was- there was life. Where my destiny was- so very distant I could not know the exact nature of it- was something that felt like death but also a new life.

Perhaps death was my commony enemy. I had survived my encounters with it in England when I was a young lad. Death was older then me and he had walked the shores of Albion for far longer then I had existed on that distant shore. We have come into conflict of course. Death had wanted to take me before my time. And I had wanted to end the progress of Death wherever I had found it.

Perhaps that is why I had taken up Watching. It would enable me to prevent death.. namely evil incarnated into the form of a human but entirely dead.

I was now in Sunnydale. It was just as I remembered. There was a few neighborhoods and a small downtown. There was the sign over the Espresso Pump, and the old theatre. In the distance was the waves crashing over the long strip of seashore that lay to the west of this town. It was a one starbucks town, but it was very beautiful.

At least during the day.

The first time I noticed something was wrong was after I had parked in front of the bed and breakfast. The person who let me in had appeared to be a very pasty white and they were distracted as if they were not all there. Obviously symptoms of either extreme shock or they were a ghoul.

I suppose I found that out when they tried to chew on my shoulder.

I lifted my arms and grappled with them. My hands closed about their wrists and we struggled mightily back and forth. We almost broke a antique vase in our struggles. I continued forcing them in the direction of the door and once I had them outside on the stoop I slammed the door shut and locked it.

I was in no mood to 'take care' of ghouls after such a long trip. It could shamble around i the clink of the garden outside and not give me any trouble just as easily.

I slumped wearily against the door and walking over to the breakfast table I took out from my satchel the various documents I had to read. Apparently there had been increased activity in the occult realm here... much more then normal. There had been many epidemics of vampires before- and even here in Sunnydale as it was a hellmouth- but never of this proportion. It was like they were flocking here in such numbers that it was nearly impossible to put out your hands in both directions without hitting a vampire.

I was momentarily startled by the sound of the ghoul outside accidently running into the side of the house and then relaxed. It was only the scrap of the ghoul.

After I finished reading I wearily packed everything back up again as it was getting dark and walked up to the second story of the bed and breakfast. I noticed the excessive number locks on the inside of the door that led up to the roof. "Pixies everywhere." I said to myself. What had happened here, were their vampires that came at night from the roof and tried to drain the people here?

I walked into my room and prepared for bed. My trip here had been very tiring and I was weary of the fighting. I wanted to lay my head down and sleep so that I would wake up on the morrow and come out fighting. I dressed in my night clothes, and slid my good luck charm- also know and several stakes and holy water- into my bed with me.

Of course there was the obligatory creaking closet door as soon as I pretended to lay down and close my eyes. The vampire tried to be silent as it crept over the floor towards me, but I already knew it was there. I would not be it's breakfast. Neither it's midnight snack. I grimaced.

It would be one hell of a night.


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