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Live In Hell, a BtVS RPG's Journal
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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
6:43 pm
As Faith and I came up the walkway, I started seeing the glares from Xander, Anya and Dawn in the open doorway. A woman was also standing outside..I didn't recognize her. Maybe Xander knew her? I sighed as we came up to the door. I walked past the woman and into the house, Faith following closely behind, not really looking at anyone. I don't blame her either.

I came inside and took my jacket off and hung it on its hook on the wall with the others. I turned around and smiled at Faith.

"The kitchen's open to ya if you want anything." I said with a smile before heading back to the entrance way to see who this new chick was.

((open to Faith, and the others in the doorway))

Current Mood: confused
Monday, April 25th, 2005
7:12 pm
On Our Way
So there we were on our way to Sunnydale; the currently unprotected hellmouth. I drove my car with Fred and Gunn and Cordy rode with Riley. I rolled my eyes at the thought of him. I wanted to hurry up and get there so I could help out some. I felt so helpless when Buffy died and hearing that I needed to go to Sunnydale gave me a purpose. I drove in silence not really wanting conversation.

*Open to Cordy, Gunn, Fred, and Riley (Cordy is in the other car with Riley so she can't really talk to the other three members of A.I)*
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
3:01 pm
I stood in the graveyard watching the brunette Slayer and petite redhead walk away. What was going on? I was informed that this town would be without a Slayer. She was supposed to be dead and the other in prison. Perhaps this was that imprisoned Slayer? Had she managed to get out of jail? But how? Breaking the law to save the innocent. How... pathetic.

Where had they said they were going? Someone's house. Oh well. I will meet up with that Slayer soon enough. And when we meet, it will be quick and painful for her. She appears spirited, yet rusty. I do not believe she was ever truly trained. And she believes that she can protect this city?

I laughed as I headed out of the cemetary. I was not quite sure where to begin, so I just wandered the night, searching for anything that I could claim as my own. I found a quaint little park. A few children playing. It was way past their bed times, I was sure. I approached them. It was far too simple. A couple of children? Please. I could take on a Slayer, I was sure, and I lower myself to take children? Well.. I was in need of a snack.

"Hello children. You really should not be out so late without your mothers." I smiled.

open to anyone who's out roaming the streets. Please someone tag! :)
Thursday, April 21st, 2005
9:49 am
It was late afternoon when I starting preparing my room for the what I had planned. The curtains had been drawn closed and I started lighting the circle of candle inside of which I had placed two large pillows. It was not often I sired someone, in fact it was a rarity for me. I had known from the beginning Adina was special and I think she will adjust well to the gift I was about to bestow on her.

I summoned Adina up to my room a few moments later, standing in the doorway dressed in a white sleeveless, ankle length dress waiting for her.

(Open to Adina)
Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
3:51 pm
Welcome to Sunnydayle
I sat in the car just a few hours ago i was in L.A. having fun with some boys just waiting for the chance to take one out the back of the club to the ally way to feed. Until some guy in a suit came up and offered me a job in Sunndayle. I said that i would do it probably should've said no but L.A. was getting a bit boring i need somewhere new to go.

Few hours later finally im in Sunnydayle i decided to go and check it out and find a place to stay later. I finally found a club there were a few people hanging around out side. I spotted a young man all alone so i decided he would be my first victim in this town.

I walked over to him 'should'nt you be inside with everyone else' i said as i slowly neared him. 'Young girl like you should'nt be out here alone wondering what im doing' he reply'd. 'Where's the fun of been stuck inside all the time' i said as i got closer to him. I didnt bother waiting for a reply from him i was to hungry to play games this time. Pushing him up against the wall i learned in to bite his neck.

I need a place to stay so i set off to find a motel did'nt take as long as i thought it would. The town was smaller then the big city that i was used to living in. It Should'nt take to long to adjust. It was getting close to sun up so i closed the curtains so that no light could leek through.
Monday, April 18th, 2005
10:42 pm
I followed Willow slowly passing by all of the oh-so-familiar sights of Sunnydale. It felt so wrong that I was back. How did I end here again so soon? I was a little nervous about how the others would react to seeing me again. Dawn.. Xander.. It was going to be majorly weird.

I tried making some small talk with Willow as we walked back. Mostly about her and the magic and stuff. Didn't want to dive deep into how everyone was doing. That... I wasn't sure I was ready to deal with that. And yet.. I was going to their house. Would they think I was trying to replace B? God I hoped not. That so wasn't what this was about. This was about doing what was right for once.

We were approaching the house. Not meaning to, I hesitated. Maybe I shouldn't do this yet tonight. Maybe I should just go back and see Wes and avoid them... But Willow continued on toward the house and I followed, finally.

(open to Willow, Dawn, Xander, Anya, Sam)
7:48 pm
Just about ready to go
I was ready; all Gunn and I needed were a few changes of clothes and weapons. I guess women need more. I shook my head; we should have left forever and a day ago. So there we were; the men, sitting on the lobby couch, waiting.

I couldn't believe was back; Riley Finn, my replacement. The thought made me want to laugh, loud, long and hard. This guy really thought he could match up to me? I'm old enough to by his ancestor, and Buffy's, and I'm a way better fighter. I wiped the floor with his ass last time around. Looking his muscles over I wondered how much of a fight he'd put up if I just jumped him, no warning. I sighed and sat back, deciding against it. Even if I didn't care if he was tore apart limb by limb I had to work with him. Gunn was damn good but not enough for a hellmouth without a slayer.

I thought about Buffy; her face, her smile, her hair, her scent, the way she laughed, or the way she mock glared at me. I tried to block out the bad memories but I couldn't, it was the main staple in our relationship; pain...that I caused. We were of two different worlds and no matter how hard we tried we couldn't make things work.

"Where the are the girls?", I asked out loud.

*Open to Riley, Gunn, Fred, and Cordy*
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
9:23 am
My nails raked lightly along the metal railing as my steps took me across one of the catwalks above the main floor of the club, The Bronze, I had learned about. Stopping I made a half turn, my fingers gripping the rail lightly as I looked out over the floor below me where the majority of the club's patrons, mostly high school and college aged kids were mingling and dancing. So unsuspecting and naive they were to the dangers that were so close they could actually reach out and touch them. One of which was now contemplating on gaining control of this specific club. Well I had been sent here to cause trouble and be part of the vamp takeover of the town a certain firm had every intention of doing.

I doubt it will be too hard to locate the owner of this establishment, after that things would definitely go my way and I could very well have the deed to The Bronze by the end of the week

I had sensed him, I had sensed a few of my kind within the building, but this one I felt was closer then the others. I knew he was trying to approach me silently and when he had gotten close enough my arm shot upward, my fingers closing tight around his throat while I turned slowly to face him.

"You and your friends will no longer take as you wish from this club unless it is allowed by me." I spoke while maneuvering back along the catwalk til I had him pinned up against the wall.

"The club is mine." I continued, my eyes locking with his giving him a glimpse of what was in store if he or his companions crossed me. I actually think I felt him quiver momentarily.

"Inform your friends The Bronze has now become the territory of Kaethe." I stated before I tossed him toward the stairs. A smirk crossed my features as I watched him scramble down the staircase toward the floor below.

I left The Bronze a minute or two later to pay a visit to the lawyer Lindsey at his hotel room. I did want it to appear that I had acquired The Bronze legally. I left Lindsey's room about a half hour later, he had promised to find out who owned the club and that we would both pay the owner a visit.

When I finally returned home I found Adina still on the floor of foyer. She seemed to be just waking as I eased the door closed behind me, making certain it was locked securely before I proceeded toward her, a trail of clothing left in my wake.

"Sweet Adina." I murmured lowering down next to her, easily shedding her of her own clothing before I took her.

"Mistress..." Adina murmured in response in a soft sweet moaning whisper. Responding to even the slightest touch of my lips and fingertips upon her delicate flesh.
Thursday, April 7th, 2005
8:36 pm
Yep. Just here babysitting...
So, you may be wondering what a wonderfully well-endowed ex-vengeance demon, and her kind of dorky boyfriend who has no appreciation for the value of a dollar, or how evil rabbits actually are, are doing at the Summer's residence. Well, I'll tell you, because that's what I do. I say what everyone else is too afraid to say. Like you know, that we're all gonna die because we have no slayer, and really the logical thing would have just been to give Glory her key, but no...

Sorry, sidetracked. So Xander and I had a fun night of, um extra-curricular activities planned, when Willow, calls up, blah, blah, blah, I need to do some witch stuff, can you come and spend the night with Dawn. And, I'm all ready to say no. I cannot. Xander and I have sex plannned, sorry. But, no, apparently there's some sort of rule that when one's best friend asks you to watch the orphaned sister of another best friend it's only right, to well, do the right thing and lend a hand. Or something like that. I wasn't really listening as I was still a little perturbed at having the phone yanked out of my hand. Why exactly does Dawn need a babysitter anyway? Okay one, she's not real! She's a big glowy energy key. Who ever heard of babysitting energy ball keys? And even if she was real, she's not two. I say let the kid fend for herself for a day. It builds character. Not to mention that little downward spiral into juvenile delinquency, that everyone's trying to ignore...

So now I'm sitting at the Summers' residence. Wondering why we still call it that. There's only one real Summers. And she's not even a real Summers. Again, not bitter that we're all gonna die. Why, cause like Xander says, If I go down, he'll be the idiot that goes down right before me in an attempt to save my now human life. Isn't that sweet? Of course it's sweet. I have a sweet idiot for a boyfriend! And he's not entirely un-comely either. Go me!

Anyway, Xander had just got up to go to the bathroom, and I was sitting in the living room counting my money. Sure, it wasn't real money. And we were just playing LIFE, but still, strangely satisfying. Hadn't heard from Dawn in a while. She's probably been in her room all night. Or she better be. Cause I'm not taking the blame for that. Nope. The little twerp wants to run away and get in trouble or join a cult or something, that's fine. As long as it doesn't infringe on my happiness.

I went to the kitchen and poured myself another cup of coffee. Coffee's good. Apparently it can have a strange uplifting effect on normal humans. Not me though; 5th cup tonight. And while it's no vodka, I'm feeling pretty darned good.

And a knock on the door. Good maybe it's Willow, or the Bot. Maybe I can return home with Xander and our night won't be a total waste. Of course I'll be taking LIFE with me. I'm sure we can find a way to incorporate it somehow.

I got up and made my way to the door.

"If you're here to rob or sell us something go away, we are poor and have no money."

They didn't seem to be leaving...

I opened the door half way and stuck my head out.

"Who are you and what do you want? We are very busy people, I haven't got all night...speak!"

(Okay, so open to Sam, Xander, Dawn...)
Monday, April 4th, 2005
12:25 am
Back in the saddle.
There was so much to take in. It was so hard to imagine. Wes, Wes of all people, had busted me out of jail earlier today. And on the drive to Sunnydale he told me all about what had been going on. Buffy was gone. I had to take over. It was so overwhelming. Here I thought I was going to rot in prison for the rest of my life and now I'm back patrolling around the Hellmouth. Too much for me.

I guess there's supposed to be these.. old vamps or whatever in Sunnydale. I don't really know what they're up to, but they're here. And they're bad. Hell, are vamps ever good? Well besides Angel. I bet it was one of these really old vamps that attacked me in prison. Seems kinda like a dumb plan if you ask me. The Slayer's locked up, so let's go kill her? So a new one can get chosen and come. Right. Makes all kind of sense.

So that was it. I found myself in one the oh so many cemetaries here in Sunny-d. I don't deserve to be here, but I'm needed. Things happen for a reason I guess. I just didn't understand. I don't think the Wes thought I should be out patrolling already. I bet he thinks I'm rusty. But rusty or not, I can handle myself, and I needed to be out here.

Damn it seemed quiet considering this big impending doom.

(open to anyone who wants to be in the cemetary and find little old Faithy)
Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
10:01 am
The headlights flashed against the building as the car neared the house, well from what I could tell with only the few lamps lighting the outer perimeter of the place it would be considered more a mansion then a simple house. The lights from the car illuminated the figure standing at the door and from the person's build I was guessing it was a male.

I had slowly pulled to a stop at the walk, easing the door open I emerged slowly from the vehicle, gently closing the door behind me before I walked the short stone path to the door.

"I am assuming you are from the Firm." Were the first words I spoke. My eyes did a quick glance over of the man.

"Yes, I'm Lindsey." He said in response, offering out his hand a bit hesitantly in my opinion.

"Well Lindsey, shall we step inside." More of a comment then a question as I took the offered hand, giving it a light shake before my fingers released it.

"Of course, Kaethe." He replied. He turned to grasp the handle of the door, with a single twist of the door knob he had the door open. Staying to the side as to allow me to enter first.

I was given a brief tour of the premises, which I found quite to my liking. The place had three floors, the top floor was mostly for storage, but did have a exceptional large room which I think had previously been used as a study/office. The second floors held five bedrooms and what I was told had previously been a small,private library. The main floor had the usual, a kitchen, a dining room, a study and a living/entertainment room. The was also an indoor swimming pool and large library.

"As you have seen the place does'nt have much in the way of furnishing, but I am guessing you want to tend to that yourself and not have had it done for you." Lindsey was saying as we walked back to the large foyer. "There are packs of fresh blood in the refrigerator, courtesy of the Firm." He added.

"You are right, I would prefer to pick out the furnishings myself as my tastes in furniture varies greatly from that of most people. As for the blood you have supplied, it is appreciated, but I prefer choosing where or more to the point, whom I take it from."

"Well, if you need anything Kaethe," Lindsey said as he took a business card and pen from on inside pocket of the suit jacket he wore."I will be here the next couple of days as there are a few more of your kind that will be arriving in Sunnydale." Lindsey quickly wrote on the back of the card where he was staying and the phone number of the hotel.

"I shall keep that in mind, Lindsey." I said in return, accepting the business card he offered to me, slipping it into the side pocket of my jacket.

After Lindsey had left I retrieved my and Adina's bags from the trunk of the car, then retrieved my little pet from the backseat. Everything was left on the floor of the foyer as I decided, seeing that it was still early enough in the evening for things to still be happening in the town and I was sure some businesses would still be open for me to do a bit of shopping.

Slipping the house keys, which I now had in my possession, into my pocket I returned again to the car. I was then driving down the gravel path leading away from the house, turning then onto the street that would take me to the heart of Sunnydale.
Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
2:29 pm
Better Late Than Never
I got the word about Buffy's death weeks ago but I couldn't concentrate on that fact for too long. I had things that needed to get done and my emotions took the back seat. Once I was able to actually relax my feelings for her and my grief caught up with me. I was laying in bed, next to Sam, and couldn't sleep. Thinking about Buffy I sat up and left the room. I sat in the living room and silently cried for a long time. Guess I must have cried myself to sleep because I woke up on the couch. Sam was looking down at me smoothing back my disheveled hair. She took my face into her hands and kissed my forehead.

"You know I have to go to Sunnydale.".
'I know.', she nodded. I sat up and kissed her. I took a shower, dressed, and hurriedly packed. When I emerged out of our room I saw her standing there, dressed, with her car keys in hand.'You'll need a ride to the airport'. I gave her a grin before following her out of our apartment.

I gave her one last passionate kiss knowing that it could be a while before I'd see her again.'Call when you land'.
"I will.", I boarded my plane.

I sighed as I slung my bag over my shoulder. I was supposed to be in Sunnydale but I had decided to stop in L.A. first...to find Angel. Even though I hadn't liked him before he was the strongest person that could help me. I quickly got my rental and drove to the address on the paper in my hand. Secret Ops knows everything so it was no problem getting his address.

Pulling up to the hotel I put my personal feelings aside. The mission was what was important, not him or me. I walked into the lobby.


*Open to the hotel dwellers*
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
11:09 pm
Bed and Breakfast
I have been a Watcher for many years. I had been speeding towards my destiny. Where I was- there was life. Where my destiny was- so very distant I could not know the exact nature of it- was something that felt like death but also a new life.

Perhaps death was my commony enemy. I had survived my encounters with it in England when I was a young lad. Death was older then me and he had walked the shores of Albion for far longer then I had existed on that distant shore. We have come into conflict of course. Death had wanted to take me before my time. And I had wanted to end the progress of Death wherever I had found it.

Perhaps that is why I had taken up Watching. It would enable me to prevent death.. namely evil incarnated into the form of a human but entirely dead.

I was now in Sunnydale. It was just as I remembered. There was a few neighborhoods and a small downtown. There was the sign over the Espresso Pump, and the old theatre. In the distance was the waves crashing over the long strip of seashore that lay to the west of this town. It was a one starbucks town, but it was very beautiful.

At least during the day.

The first time I noticed something was wrong was after I had parked in front of the bed and breakfast. The person who let me in had appeared to be a very pasty white and they were distracted as if they were not all there. Obviously symptoms of either extreme shock or they were a ghoul.

I suppose I found that out when they tried to chew on my shoulder.

I lifted my arms and grappled with them. My hands closed about their wrists and we struggled mightily back and forth. We almost broke a antique vase in our struggles. I continued forcing them in the direction of the door and once I had them outside on the stoop I slammed the door shut and locked it.

I was in no mood to 'take care' of ghouls after such a long trip. It could shamble around i the clink of the garden outside and not give me any trouble just as easily.

I slumped wearily against the door and walking over to the breakfast table I took out from my satchel the various documents I had to read. Apparently there had been increased activity in the occult realm here... much more then normal. There had been many epidemics of vampires before- and even here in Sunnydale as it was a hellmouth- but never of this proportion. It was like they were flocking here in such numbers that it was nearly impossible to put out your hands in both directions without hitting a vampire.

I was momentarily startled by the sound of the ghoul outside accidently running into the side of the house and then relaxed. It was only the scrap of the ghoul.

After I finished reading I wearily packed everything back up again as it was getting dark and walked up to the second story of the bed and breakfast. I noticed the excessive number locks on the inside of the door that led up to the roof. "Pixies everywhere." I said to myself. What had happened here, were their vampires that came at night from the roof and tried to drain the people here?

I walked into my room and prepared for bed. My trip here had been very tiring and I was weary of the fighting. I wanted to lay my head down and sleep so that I would wake up on the morrow and come out fighting. I dressed in my night clothes, and slid my good luck charm- also know and several stakes and holy water- into my bed with me.

Of course there was the obligatory creaking closet door as soon as I pretended to lay down and close my eyes. The vampire tried to be silent as it crept over the floor towards me, but I already knew it was there. I would not be it's breakfast. Neither it's midnight snack. I grimaced.

It would be one hell of a night.


Mood: Thinker

7:26 pm
Bad Dreams
Everything was so different, so much bigger, full of noise. Everything had changed and yet I knew that it hadn't. I didn't feel safe, it was not safe out there, it was another world, one that I couldn't remember anymore, or could, or wouldn't or- it was just big and vast and scary. My brain, my brain kept telling me this was home, but my eyes, they said something different.

I walked about the room trying to find a clean space to write, my thoughts, and my theorems, anything that could help me understand what had happened better. Finally, I found and empty space and began to write on it with my marker.

Big brains are not always better. If you can’t speak sentences of more than 2-3 words at a time without them all blending together like a summer drink, you likely cannot think complicated thoughts either. I smiled and thought about Pylea and its in habitants.

A cave, a girl lost in a cave, called it home. It was safe there, it was warm and cold and it was home. She was all alone, but it was what she knew... I frowned and went back to pacing.

It was all a dream, and I've always been here. This is what was real now, that had been just a dream. And now I was awake. A handsome man saved me from my dream... from my nightmare, and I was safe, it would all be okay, all of it. Things, the world it was all as it should have been five years ago. Things were normal. Things were back to normal.

I pulled the covers and looked out the window, the world didn't feel the same as before, maybe it was me that was changed. Maybe it was me who was broken. Maybe I just missed my parents too much. Maybe they missed me, or maybe they didn't miss me at all. Maybe they never knew I was gone. Maybe all of it wasn't real. And I just woke up from a dream.


That's what it had been, just a bad dream. Just a bad dream I had for five years.

Current Mood: scared
Monday, March 21st, 2005
10:05 pm
So this is Sunnydale. I am thoroughly unimpressed. However, after a short tour of the city, I have found myself suitable accomodations. It certainly is not completely up to my standards; my home in Rome was far superior. However, this will have to do I suppose. What was I to expect from.. California. I nearly choke on the word. It is a mansion. Abandoned, unforunately. I would have much preferred to slaughter the resident.

I felt an odd feeling in this mansion. As if someone I once knew resided here. But that was proposterous. I don't know anyone who lived in Sunnydale. Well.. aside from Darla and the Master and Angel. And I had only just met Angel. And the mansion was not the Master's style. He preferred to live under the ground. He did not like to live with the humans. But then who could blame him with a face such as his. He could never have passed for human. But no.. I don't believe it was Darla who would have lived here. Perhaps I was simply imagining it.

My mind wandered back to my visit with Angel. Detestable man. I should have killed him right then and there. No Grace. You should not have done such. He is your one link to Darla. Sever that link and you stand almost no chance of finding her and turning her back to dust. She was dead and I had rejoiced. Then she came back. If only people would stop coming back from the dead.. Well, besides people being resurrected as vampires.

But I have digressed. I am here to take over Sunnydale. I believed that this was possibly what Hell was like. I had only been here one night and I already detested the place. It would be difficult to take this town over with limited hours of working. Sunnydale is aptly named. It is quite bright. Unhealthy for we vampires. I wondered how many other vampires were coming to take this town over. Surely I wasn't expected to do it alone. Not that I would not be able to do it. I could. However, it would take far too long.

I was informed that this town once had a Slayer. Or two. But the one is dead and the other is in jail. No Slayer in a city on a Hellmouth? This would be far too simple.

Just as the sun set, I headed out.

(open to anyone who might be on the street)
Sunday, March 20th, 2005
10:07 am
Leaving LA
Well if Nathaniel did'nt come through, I'll be damn. That being my thoughts when he returned two days later with what I had requested. From the pictures the house I would be occupying was a tad larger then the one I currently resided in. Nathaniel reassuring me that it was the largest house in the town of Sunnydale and had been just recently been vacated by the owners. That did not concern me as I now had to papers proving my ownership of the house and grounds.

The video proved to be authentic, the voice I heard on it was unmistakably Viktor Marius' and he looked exactly the same as I remembered, even his movements were unchanged. This certainly was going to be sweet revenge, I was going to enjoy watching Viktor die, though I wish there was someway I could prolong his suffering.

After Nathaniel departed I had Nina pack a few suitcases, whatever else I would be needing could be easily purchased once we arrived in Sunnydale, at least I hoped that would be the case.

Just after the sunset I was on my way to the town of Sunnydale with Adina resting on the back seat. I had needed something to drink and well she was there. I pretty much had to carry her to the car as she was in too weakened of a state to walk on her own. She was quite subservient now after the days I had spent working with her and was turning into the most obedient pet.

Sunnydale here I come.
Friday, March 18th, 2005
7:17 am
These miserable creatures that they call humans continue to pledge this world. Not that I wasn’t one in the beginning but I got a better offer. Only really choose that offer to go against God and his will. Fuck that will of that thing, so wonderful and powerful he claims to be and that he will love and forgive you no matter what. Well, did he forgive Eve and I? No, instead he threw us out of that kingdom that was made for us and gave us these mortal lives. I was to live forever as something more, as a god with Eve along side and rule above these lesser creatures in our kingdom. Well, I suppose I still do rule above them once Lucifer offered me his dark gift. Might I say, much better then anything God ever offered me.

So I got bored with this life, what can I say, going around for centuries upon centuries performing mass acts of genocide upon city after city you tend to get bored. So I left this mortal world for awhile. I went into a deep sleep you could say, and let the years pass by me. But here I am once again awoken to a new music of the night. I’ve heard tales whispered throughout the night’s air of a slayer. A slayer that was better then all the rest but then one day something happened. That little slayer died just like the rest, problem was that wasn’t her first death. So a new slayer wouldn’t be chosen and the current slayer was locked away by societies rules.

That’s was awoken me, I saw the wonderful chance that stood before me. There was always a slayer that could come between me and my opportunity but now there was none. I may be a bit rusty at first but soon I will grow to my old power and all that falls between me will be ashes.

I smirk as I think of the destruction I will cause. First stop will be Sunnydale California. I hear it is the spot of a Hellmouth. Those are always fun. I lean back against the wall in this dirty motel room I was lodging in. Of course I got the room for free, had the owner for a snack last night. His blood was dirty and rotten though, that toxins inside. I requirement finer blood then that but for now that would have to do. What else was I suppose to do at this current state. But with each person I drank I felt more of my former strength regain itself. As soon as night falls upon this town again I will continue to make my way towards Sunnydale.
6:53 am
Ok this was not good, not good at all. You know those visions things I get well I got one, besides the large amount of pain I saw there was some horrible things about to happen. The type of stuff that Angel needed to know about right away. Buffy was gone and there were a whole tone load of vampires heading their way towards Sunnydale. And not your typical run of the mill only a few years old vampires, these were the big nastys. Ones that have been around for hundreds upon hundreds of year. I only got a few good flashes of them but let me tell you this wasn’t good. There was especially this one, he was dark very dark. Blackness was all I could see in him and he seemed to be older then anything I’ve seen before.

As usually I was out enjoying myself at some local stores when this big vision thing happened. Yep right in the middle of a coward to. Talk about people giving you looks, you should see some of the looks on people’s faces when you get a vision. I tired to hide it as best as I could but this one was long and hurt like hell. After that I tired to get a hold of myself and headed back towards the hotel.

Once I reached the hotel I slammed the doors open “ANGEL?” I yell “Angel if you’re here we have to talk. And I mean seriously talk, this is bad”

I walked in further as I looked around for him.

[ Open to Angel or anyone in the hotel ]
6:30 am
“Good” I smiled at Willow with my big bright eyes blinking at her. She agreed to me making her breakfast which was what I was suppose to do. Which was what they needed to keep them running. I needed other stuff to keep me running, I did wonder sometimes how food would taste. But I know it would cause a malfunction in my circuits if I tired to eat any of it.

I headed over towards the kitchen, I was even starting to bounce a bit. Making food for them was what I enjoyed doing, well not because I was making food but because I was bringing them service. I was doing my job. That made me glad, only other thing I was good at was slaying. But I can’t do that now, no one out there to slayer. Well, there was Spike but I wouldn’t slay him only make love to him. I was originally programmed to be his sex slave, but I don’t think Willow liked that. I could tell she changed some of the programming that involved that.

I opened up the fridge and started to take out the eggs and breed. Just then I realized she didn’t tell me what all she wanted. Not that I wouldn’t just make a big meal anyways but I like to please them as much as I can. “Willow” I said turning to face her. “What do you want?”

[Open to Willow and anyone else who could bein the house]
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
12:22 pm
Vamp attack in prison?
So there I was, minding my own business in the cafeteria at dinner time. No one ever sits by me, so I was sitting there, eating the shit they call food, completely alone like usual. I think they're all afraid of me. Like I'm the only murderer who's been in this prison before. Yeah whatever. But I am probably the toughest or strongest one. But anyway. So there I was sitting there, and I felt that feeling. You know what I'm talking about. Yeah. There was a vampire close.

But a vampire in prison? Yeah. That's what I thought. I figured it had been so long that I was just itching for a fight and so I was probably just imagining it. It was probably just the fact that someone was right behind me. So what did I do? Yeah, I turned around to see who was so damn close to be giving me the vamp shivers. Big mistake. As I turned my head, a fist connected with my jaw and I was sent flying off my the bench.

I sat up, wiped the trickle of blood from my lip, and stood up. Needless to say, I was pissed. And when someone pisses me off, I know just what to do. Fight back. But this vamp chick was strong. Stronger than most vamps? I couldn't be sure. It'd been way too long since I'd gotten my hands dirty with a little violence. But it was a dirty fight. She was wicked strong and very determined. And she only came after me. Gotta say, I like a person who's focused, but why the fuck was she so focused on me? Obviously cause I was a Slayer. But she coulda totally taken any other inmate, but instead she chose me. And only me.

After about five minutes, my special security guards came and dragged me away. And as soon as someone intervened? She split. She fucking split. She was on a mission. To kill me. But why?

So now I'm sitting here, back in my cell holding an ice pack to my jaw. You shoulda seen how scared the guards were to hand me that pack. I think that little violent outbreak made everyone even MORE scared of me. Like they weren't scared enough. But I have to wonder what the hell is going on. Why am I getting attacked in prison? Shouldn't prisons be safe? Isn't there security? People can't seem to bust out, but that chick could bust in and attack me? This was majorly messed up. I'm like a damn sitting duck in here.

And now I'm all restless from not slaying that vamp. Ugh.

And damn, I'm hungry.
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