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live_in_hell's Journal

Live In Hell, a BtVS RPG
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~The Plot~
This is a Buffy RPG based in the beginning of Season 6 of Buffy/Season 3 of Angel.

A multitude of vampires invade Sunnydale. Powerful, old ones. They have a multitude of resources.. and the Scoobies are slowly losing the war even if they win a few battles. Things are getting bad. So bad that they are planning to do the unthinkable- have Wesley break out Faith and take her to Sunnydale.

Willow has assumed leadership of the Scoobies. She is very sensitive to their needs to a fault and tries to keep everyone happy. She is impelled by her love of them to do this- and also her desire to make everything a better world- the way Buffy would have wanted. If someone is in trouble, she sends a telepathic message. When they need to talk, she telepathically tells them this. If they are hurt or sad or tired- she is there for them. The use of this power is slowly draining her energy and even Tara is warning her that using her power too much can have negative consequences.

the scoobies work at school now. they can't escape from school really- either as students or as teachers (not literally)

Dawn is extremely miserable. Her mother died- her sister died- and Hank is so far away that it's difficult for her to hold on to her stability. The frequent presence of her friends in her life- Xander assuming a big brother role, Tara like a sister, and Anya like an aunt. Spike is like a weird combination of a brother and a boyfriend. She's trying to do well in school and so far she is. Spike stalks her- keeps her safe. Because with the slayer being gone- well- Buffy can't protect Dawn anymore. It's really Spike who can go without sleeping- and is a big bad strong guy- to protect her when she isn't watching. To stalk her in a unobtrusive sort of way when she's out on the town at night. To pretend he was just having a drink at the Bronze when she shows up there with her friends from school to hang out. Dawn has given into the temptation to begin stealing- she thinks because she's cute and pretty and she's had trauma in her life she can get away with it. And the thrill of it helps keep her mind off of her MOTHER being DEAD and her SISTER being DEAD and living in her home without her family. As the season progresses she wil get into more trouble because of her troubled emotions.

Xander and Anya are getting along well. They are going to do well... Anya won't pressure for marriage, and Xander will not feel trapped.

Spike is repulsed by the Buffybot on a certain level.. he doesn't sense a soul there. And for a soulless evil creature, that's a pretty hypocritical as Buffybot will tell him when he pushes her away. As she tells him, she has certain needs Spike- and he's not helping her to fulfill them.

Buffybot assumes the role of sister to Dawn. She cooks, she cleans, she's a regular 50's house slayer. She slays at night (with the assistence and help of the Scoobies) and recharges in the evening and morning. Dawn hugs her tightly during those times... it almost feels like her sister is back again. Buffybot has feelings for Dawn and of course also Spike but she is too new to experiencing things to adequitely express them. She'll line up the nice clean clothing outside her door in a perfect little stack in the morning! She'll make pancakes! And clean! And be perky and cheerful all the time! Except for the times where she feels.. something new begin inside of her. Emotion. Feelings. Feelings of being miserable giving all the time. Feelings of a need to be loved and appreciated as... a lover... and not just a slayer... and mommy figure. Buffybot holds Dawn's hand everynight when she goes to sleep and just sits there and watches her.

Xander and Anya are getting along great. They are happy together. There is no drama. There is no marriage. There is happiness.

The Watcher's Council has given Buffy a Salary. Of course, with Buffy dead they have to keep Buffybot away from the occasional visit of the watchers. They have become quite adept with the excuses. "Oh, she's out fighting a Karlak demon." or "So sorry- she's out of town."

Spike and Buffy do not get along, strangely enough neither do Riley or Sam. It's Spuffy and Ram that's dark as ships in this season- not Xanya or Wara. Remember that. Xander Happy. Anya Happy. Buffy isn't getting any. Spike isn't getting any.

The Troika- currently a collection of brainy engineer geek types still meeting in their mother's basement- is confronted with a important decision. Whether or not to sell a certain action figure to buy more parts for a machine they are planning to use to steal a demonic artifact. They are about to toss a coin to decide whether or not to sell it- except this time, the result will split them apart and send them away from each other instead of cementing their friendship and enabling the Troika to begin to asssemble power.

the troika might be keeping the osiris jar to hide their uber-precious boba fett in.

As for the ultimate evil, the Senior Partners invade Sunnydale with a multitude of powerful vampires and use their hypnotic powers to take control. Control of the schools. Control of the families. And make them do horrific acts against each other.
no demon bikers.


Also, there are vampires put in the jail by the Senior Partners to kill Faith.

Buffy will eventually be brought back, but it will take much longer and will be slightly more difficult... You will see.

Offbeat humor, and lots of it. Also drama where appropriate.

~The Players~
Buffy (to be brought back) -- trueslayer26
Dawn -- made_by_monks
Faith -- stake_n_skank
Wesley -- wesley_pryce
Willow -- wickedwillow26
Tara -- OPEN
Anya -- silly_anya
Spike -- _fool_for_love and got_the_spark-same person
Cordelia -- _higer_power_c
Angel -- noangelofyours
Gunn -- lostboy2lawyer
Riley -- agentfinn
Buffybot -- buffy_the_bot
Fred -- quietkindocrazy
Xander -- invisibletoher
Sam Finn -- finn_sam

ambrose_delano - Vampire
gracefullydead - Vampire
without_a_soul_ - Vampire
adinacameron - spellbound human, soon to be Vampire
lil_miss_lost - Vampire

Along with all other canon characters, we are also seeking original Vampires!

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