I Have Many Names...You Can Choose What You Want (noangelofyours) wrote in live_in_hell,
I Have Many Names...You Can Choose What You Want

Just about ready to go

I was ready; all Gunn and I needed were a few changes of clothes and weapons. I guess women need more. I shook my head; we should have left forever and a day ago. So there we were; the men, sitting on the lobby couch, waiting.

I couldn't believe was back; Riley Finn, my replacement. The thought made me want to laugh, loud, long and hard. This guy really thought he could match up to me? I'm old enough to by his ancestor, and Buffy's, and I'm a way better fighter. I wiped the floor with his ass last time around. Looking his muscles over I wondered how much of a fight he'd put up if I just jumped him, no warning. I sighed and sat back, deciding against it. Even if I didn't care if he was tore apart limb by limb I had to work with him. Gunn was damn good but not enough for a hellmouth without a slayer.

I thought about Buffy; her face, her smile, her hair, her scent, the way she laughed, or the way she mock glared at me. I tried to block out the bad memories but I couldn't, it was the main staple in our relationship; pain...that I caused. We were of two different worlds and no matter how hard we tried we couldn't make things work.

"Where the are the girls?", I asked out loud.

*Open to Riley, Gunn, Fred, and Cordy*
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