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I Have Many Names...You Can Choose What You Want

Just about ready to go

I was ready; all Gunn and I needed were a few changes of clothes and weapons. I guess women need more. I shook my head; we should have left forever and a day ago. So there we were; the men, sitting on the lobby couch, waiting.

I couldn't believe was back; Riley Finn, my replacement. The thought made me want to laugh, loud, long and hard. This guy really thought he could match up to me? I'm old enough to by his ancestor, and Buffy's, and I'm a way better fighter. I wiped the floor with his ass last time around. Looking his muscles over I wondered how much of a fight he'd put up if I just jumped him, no warning. I sighed and sat back, deciding against it. Even if I didn't care if he was tore apart limb by limb I had to work with him. Gunn was damn good but not enough for a hellmouth without a slayer.

I thought about Buffy; her face, her smile, her hair, her scent, the way she laughed, or the way she mock glared at me. I tried to block out the bad memories but I couldn't, it was the main staple in our relationship; pain...that I caused. We were of two different worlds and no matter how hard we tried we couldn't make things work.

"Where the are the girls?", I asked out loud.

*Open to Riley, Gunn, Fred, and Cordy*
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Well, that went well. We were now heading back to Sunnydale, the one place on earth I was glad to get away from. But hey I guess helping the helpless meant you had to do what you had to do. I heard an unfamiliar voice in the lobby. The person must have came in while I was getting ready. Heading out there I glance at Angel and Gunn then at the other person.

“I’m all ready when you are.”

I continued to look at the other person, not a bad build either. “And this is?” I asked with a questioning look placed upon my face.
Angel was about to answer but I cut him off.

"Agent Finn.", I said extending my hand."A friend of Buffy's.", looking her over I made sure to control my facial expression, cause damn the girl was hott. But I was happily married.
I rolled my eyes when he hurried to answer Cordelia. Little ass, always showing off his commandoness. He was trying his hardest not to let his interest show.

"We have something to do.", I stated making Riley pay attention to me."and that is go to Sunnydale, so if you're done examining Cordelia we can be on our way."
Oh he was an agent, had to like that in a man. He extended his hand which might I say was all nice and firm. I smiled at him "I'm Cordelia Chase." And of course Angel just had to ruin things by opening up his mouth. Yep, got Riley's attention off me and whatever it was we were doing again. Oh right going to Sunnydale because of the visions I had.

"Please Angel like he was examining me...wait never mind he had to be, because hello its me here" I flashed a smile. "Is everything ready? And is he coming with us for some reason?"
I walked out my room for the first time in weeks. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I took careful steps down the hall and then made my way towards the stairs.

I could hear voices, it had taken me this long to get out and I knew they would be waiting for me. It was hard enough to have to leave one cave called home for a room in a hotel, it was another to leave that comfy room in a hotel and move to a different city were you knew even less people.

But it was that or stay behind, and I didn't want to get lost again. No... not again.

I walked down the stairs, quietly wondering if they even saw me. They probably didn't, they were probably thinking about leaving without me... That would be just my luck. And if they did, at least I could stay here... but no, I didn't want to be alone, not any more.

Finally I reached the bottom of the stairs, and simply smiled at the group. I was scared at the look in their faces, but I think they were just surprised to see me out of my other cave.
I was about to say something sarcastic to Cordelia when the shy brunette made her way down the stairs. She reached the botoom and smiled at us. It had been a long time since I had seen her out of her room and I was shocked.

"Riley, this is Winifred, Fred for short.", I looked at her."It's okay, good thing you came down.", I added."I know you're not used to even being out of your room but we have to leave, for Sunnydale."
I redirected my attention to Cordy as Angel talked to the girl.

"Cordelia Chase.", I repeated her name."Sounds like an actress' name.", I added."Yes, I am going with you guys to Sunnydale. I used to date Buffy and when I heard she died I knew I had to go back there and help.", I looked down."Least thing I could do. However, I knew I'd need some sort of back up so here I am."
"I understand our need to trade names and backgrounds but can we do this on the ride?", I asked. There were demons running loose on the hellmouth and I was itching for some violence.
I smiled at everyone. Then I smled back at Angel... It felt strange being down here close to so many people. But it had to happen sometime I guessed.

"Umm, yeah, okay... Sunnydale. Okay, that's okay. Just a new place right?" I asked.

He gave me a comforting nod and things began to feel okay. Maybe it was a good idea to leave L.A. After all L.A. was a really big town and this Sunnydale, well, how bad could it be? Right?