Riley Finn (agentfinn) wrote in live_in_hell,
Riley Finn

Better Late Than Never

I got the word about Buffy's death weeks ago but I couldn't concentrate on that fact for too long. I had things that needed to get done and my emotions took the back seat. Once I was able to actually relax my feelings for her and my grief caught up with me. I was laying in bed, next to Sam, and couldn't sleep. Thinking about Buffy I sat up and left the room. I sat in the living room and silently cried for a long time. Guess I must have cried myself to sleep because I woke up on the couch. Sam was looking down at me smoothing back my disheveled hair. She took my face into her hands and kissed my forehead.

"You know I have to go to Sunnydale.".
'I know.', she nodded. I sat up and kissed her. I took a shower, dressed, and hurriedly packed. When I emerged out of our room I saw her standing there, dressed, with her car keys in hand.'You'll need a ride to the airport'. I gave her a grin before following her out of our apartment.

I gave her one last passionate kiss knowing that it could be a while before I'd see her again.'Call when you land'.
"I will.", I boarded my plane.

I sighed as I slung my bag over my shoulder. I was supposed to be in Sunnydale but I had decided to stop in L.A. find Angel. Even though I hadn't liked him before he was the strongest person that could help me. I quickly got my rental and drove to the address on the paper in my hand. Secret Ops knows everything so it was no problem getting his address.

Pulling up to the hotel I put my personal feelings aside. The mission was what was important, not him or me. I walked into the lobby.


*Open to the hotel dwellers*
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