Kaethe (without_a_soul_) wrote in live_in_hell,

Leaving LA

Well if Nathaniel did'nt come through, I'll be damn. That being my thoughts when he returned two days later with what I had requested. From the pictures the house I would be occupying was a tad larger then the one I currently resided in. Nathaniel reassuring me that it was the largest house in the town of Sunnydale and had been just recently been vacated by the owners. That did not concern me as I now had to papers proving my ownership of the house and grounds.

The video proved to be authentic, the voice I heard on it was unmistakably Viktor Marius' and he looked exactly the same as I remembered, even his movements were unchanged. This certainly was going to be sweet revenge, I was going to enjoy watching Viktor die, though I wish there was someway I could prolong his suffering.

After Nathaniel departed I had Nina pack a few suitcases, whatever else I would be needing could be easily purchased once we arrived in Sunnydale, at least I hoped that would be the case.

Just after the sunset I was on my way to the town of Sunnydale with Adina resting on the back seat. I had needed something to drink and well she was there. I pretty much had to carry her to the car as she was in too weakened of a state to walk on her own. She was quite subservient now after the days I had spent working with her and was turning into the most obedient pet.

Sunnydale here I come.
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